Providing excellent service for my clients is my greatest pleasure and my top priority. This page contains testimonies from my clients about their experiences working with me as their editor so that potential clients may see what they can expect from working with me.

I appreciate and love all my clients and the relationships that I build with them. I’m so thankful that they trust me to walk alongside them as they work on their writings, their dreams, and their goals

From Randa Knight
Nay is the best editor I’ve ever worked with. She has the perfect balance of constructive criticism and positive reinforcement to stroke my delicate author ego. One thing I love is that she uses my own writing as an example of what I’m doing accurately or what is lacking in my writing at the moment.

From Elizabeth Saenz:
I have been having Nay edit numerous projects of mine for about a year now. Every time she is quick and thorough. The best part is she can make changes without losing my voice in the writing. Often I feel like any change just makes my voice is clearer and easier to hear. She treats my writing as sacred as I do. Her great respect for my message, and how to convey it, is truly special to me. I would highly recommend her as an editor of anything you are looking to publish.

From Vance Gatlin II:
What can I say about Nay? She was editing my work at Ronin’s Journey before she was even doing it professionally. Reading and telling me where I needed to add the commas I keep forgetting. Still do, but not as much. 
When she started doing it professionally I had no problem hiring her. She’s worth her fees, and then some. I don’t regret it, and you won’t either.

From Cathleen Garber:
I highly recommend using Nay as your editor!!! As a first-time author, I had originally used a different editor and felt very unseen, unheard, and pushed around. I found Nay, and she was able to help me find the courage to edit the book again. She helped me keep more of the heart of my book intact while not detracting from the story and still putting together a clean and professionally edited children’s book. I am truly pleased with the results and will be using her again in the future!!!

From Maria Tracy:
Nadara (Nay) Merrill ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Nay was amazing to work with, and I highly recommend her! As a new author, I was unfamiliar with the publishing industry, but she was patient and helped during the entire process. Nay is professional, reliable, responsive, and has a wealth of knowledge. She helped shape my manuscript into the children’s book is it today. Strongly recommend.
-Maria Tracy Magical Birthday Fairy Author

From Cindy Wider:
I’ve absolutely loved working with Nay. Her editing skills, combined with creative ideas and initiative, have helped to make my story so much better! Nay thought of things I never would have thought of myself – being too attached to the wording. I admired the way Nay was able to cut down my content by over 250 words! That was even after I thought I couldn’t part with a single word. Thank you, Nay, can’t wait to work together on the next book!
Cindy Wider 
Author/Illustrator of the Cuddleecats
Cairns, Qld Australia

From Anthony Crosby:
Gosh, what can I say? Nadara is amazing! I’ve had the privilege of working with her for several months now, and the experience has been nothing but rewarding. Yes, she is a tremendously talented and knowledgeable editor; however, where Nadara truly shines is in her ability to be personable with her clients. In my experience, she is always willing to go above and beyond the call of duty to help her clients succeed and grow as writers. Anytime I need her, she’s there. Whenever I need to share some exciting news with someone, she’s the first to help me celebrate. She is always willing to meet her clients exactly where they’re at in their endeavors, and this attribute of Nadara has helped me grow immensely as a writer!

From Ronita Saidian:
I feel blessed I got the chance to know Nay Merrill as my editor. She is super professional and caring at the same time. She made the experience of my children’s book journey so precious. I highly recommend her!

From Michelle Margaret:
I had previously worked with another editor before Nay and I was very disappointed with that editor. That being said, I am so glad that I found Nay and she decided to take on my book! She’s efficient and her communication is outstanding. Her prices are very reasonable where it won’t break the bank, but her work is well worth the money. She is super sweet and always has a very positive attitude, especially towards editing. Her comments that she made on the book were well-received and I used every single one of her suggestions. I highly recommend Nay as your next editor!

From Beverly King:
I have worked with Nay with two transcripts so far. My first book is in the final stages of being completed. Nay has been very easy to work with, she was happy to answer any of my questions, and she is happy to give suggestions when needed. I will definitely use her for transcripts again in the future.

From Shermona Bates Mack:
It was such a pleasure to work with That Grammar Gal on my very first children’s book, Little Mona Meets A Pup. Nay is very professional and fun. She takes great interest in her work to make sure everything is right. <3
S. Renee Mack, Author
Little Mona Adventures

From Deepa Parekh
I had my book edited three times and I wasn’t satisfied. Then I found Nay, and she took so much time to read and review my manuscript and help me to convey my story accurately through words. She paid a lot of attention while editing, and made sure the rhyming was correct and the story flowed well. I will definitely be using Nay’s services again and recommend her to anyone who needs their books edited.

From Aria Lee
English is not my native language. I could write simple sentences, I have ideas for my story, but it definitely need some brush up. So, Nay walked me through the journey. She fixed my sentences and grammars, the most important is, she edit my story in full picture. She would point out the part that need some more description, and which part is too choppy. I must say that she is a very good editor, and I appreciate her help so much!

From Nathan Thompson
Nay was very easy to work with and gave great suggestions for changes.

From Stacey Lynne Berube
Nay Merrill was absolutely amazing to work with! Highly suggest!

From Charlotte Clucas
Nay did my first book and is very professional and easy to work with.

From Andrea Kurth
Nay has been amazing to work with. This was my first book and I’ve learned so much in her kind, subtle ways. Nay would suggest ideas in a way that was not demeaning and used as suggestions that you quickly realized brought the story to life. I thought my book was good when I presented it to her, but over the course of the last few months, I realized how much work it still needed. I can now be proud of my book and am so thankful I picked Nay to work with. -Andrea Kurth